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Should I Be Watching Girls? (An Illustrated Flowchart to Lena Dunham's HBO Comedy-Drama)

From time to time, Zach Fowle will provide a visual guide to every day and extraordinary situations ... and (because he has bad handwriting) Claire Lawton will illustrate them. Welcome to Charted Territory.

Lena Dunham's coming-of-age in New York drama-comedy has made headlines for nudity, drawn criticism for diversity, and posed questions for viewers that range in age, gender, and familiarity with New York.

There are plenty of reasons to love Girls ... and plenty of reasons why you don't want to watch it with your mom or relatively new boyfriend/girlfriend. But for those of you still wondering whether you should be tuning in, we've created a guide.

Check out other Girls-related questions and answers after the jump ...

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Q: Who are "The Ladies"? A: Obvi we're the ladies.

Q: What should I drink when watching Girls? A: PBR or champagne (or both).

Q: I love Girls. Should I move to New York? A: Only if you want to be coerced into going to warehouse raves, constantly feel terrible about your wardrobe, live upstairs from a junkie, and rely on your parents to pay for your groovy lifestyle.

Q: OK, so which character from Girls am I? A: You are none of them. Cut it out.

"Girls" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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