Silver Medallion, Phantasmagorical Spectacular, and the Revolver and Roses Fashion Show Over the Weekend

Silver Medallion at Bar Smith Party People filed into Bar Smith in droves on Friday night to see a performance by Silver Medallion surviving member Oren J. The Phoenix club was packed to the walls...see photos

Revolver & Roses Fashion Show at Revolver Lounge Revolver Lounge kicked off its first anniversary weekend on Thursday, February 10, with an evening of lovely ladies in their unmentionables parading down a runway. Babes and beauties busted out with lingerie and swimwear and helped heat up the Scottsdale hot spot...see photos

Phantasmagorical Spectacular Opening of the Exotic Art Show at Alwun House I didn't mind that my girlfriend went to look at Annie Sprinkle's cervix, but I honestly wasn't all that interested. There were so many other things going on at the Alwun House Friday night during the "Phantasmagorical Spectacular" opening of their annual Exotic Art Show that seeing a famous porn star and sex educator's reproductive organs with a speculum and flash light was only mildly exciting...full story

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