Simple Pleasures: Making a Home a Lovely Place

Blogs that make us happy are also blogs that fulfill our voyeuristic tendencies.
They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

So it's no wonder that Christine McHale (formerly Christine Burch -- yes, she's related to Beverly Burch) also has a blog that makes us happy.

Simple Pleasures: Making a Home a Lovely Place is not a dreaded "mommy blog." Sure, she posts photos of her kids but it creates the blogworthy balance of a window into her personal life along with posts about crafts, sewing projects, cooking, local events, and links to other great online creative sources.

Before McHale was making a home a lovely place, she was making central Phoenix a lovely place when she owned the now defunct (and much missed) Palatte restaurant with her husband, Ed.

These days, the Phoenix native cares for her two children and is making plans to start her own pastry business out of her home.

We certainly can't wait for that. And, in the meantime, we can't wait for her next blog post.

Check out Simple Pleasures here.

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Lilia Menconi
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