Singapore Club's Toilets Curb Drunk Driving

We all know the signs for when we've had too much to drink -- there's the slurred speech, the diminishing lack of hand-eye coordination, and the accuracy with which one can deliver their imbibed liquid into the toilet. But a popular night club in Southeast Asia is doing its customers and other drivers on the road one better.

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The nightclub owners of Singapore's Zouk have teamed up with worldwide marketing agency DDB Group to deliver urinals that actually analyze the alcohol content of its customers' urine, using a system that is as forward-thinking as it is futuristic.

When club goers arrive at Zouk, they are greeted by the valet, who in exchange for their keys will hand them an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) tag. This tag is then read by any one of the high-tech toilets -- which, using their complimentary urine analysis, will flag your ID number should alcohol level be above the legal limit. Not only will the urinal notify you that you've had to much to drink, but the valet who has your keys will also be alerted.

In just two weeks of using the system 573 drunk drivers were flagged, with 342 of them opting to find alternative means of transportation home. Given the success of these computerized cans it should only be a matter of time before you find them in your local Scottsdale night club -- until then, wipe down the seat and call a cab would you?

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