Sion Sono's Cold Fish screens at The Royale

Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono's skin-crawler Cold Fish tells the tale of a mild-mannered fishmonger sucked into the bloodcurdling world of a murderous fellow seafood salesman. The hair-raiser screens at The Royale in Mesa on Friday, August 19, at 11 p.m., and Saturday, August 20, at 9 p.m.

"Cold Fish is a tense and deliberate film that builds in to a maddening climax," says Royale proprietor Andrea Beesely-Brown. "Come with an open mind and prepare to have it blown."

See the creepy, NSFW trailer after the jump.

[jump] Docile protagonist Shamoto's daughter, Mitsuko, steals from a family-owned tropical fish emporium. The seemingly understanding husband, Murata, and wife decide that Mitsuko will work for them as repayment.

Soon the friendly relationship darkens, as Shamoto becomes a begrudging partner in Murata's twisted ways of doing business. Namely, Murata covers up his inflated prices and shady dealings by murdering anyone who opposes him.

Cold Fish chronicles the devolution of Shamoto from decent man into monster. With gore galore and brutality to match, it's a must-see for J-horror fanatics.

"If you've never seen a Sion Sono film, you are in for a treat," Beesely-Brown says. "He is not afraid to shock and push the envelope and take his characters through extreme situations until they are pushed to the brink."

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