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Six Strange Addictions We're Waiting to See on TV

If you've ever watched TLC's horror-inducing show, My Strange Addiction, or seen the previews and thought about watching it, you might be a little messed up.

Not that we can judge -- it's hard to look away from one of television's largest and most fascinating train wrecks that only supports a public, wide-sweeping lack of shame. (Check out the the guy who's in love with his doll or the woman who eats the insides of couch cushions -- both perfectly willing to share on national television -- if you're in doubt.)

If TLC can find people who eat toilet paper and soap, what else can they come up with? We have a few ideas ...

1. Match Eaters

Cautopyreiophagia is the long-winded name for people who ingest the heads of matches, because they crave phosphorus or phosphorus sesquisulfide, the active ingredients that ignite with friction. It's understandable to enjoy the smell, but eating it? Interesting ...

2. Extreme pet lovers

We've all seen them... people who appear to care more about their pets than they do other human beings. How far can someone go for his or her pet? This is the opposite of animal hoarders (which TLC also has covered).

3. Plastic Surgery

E!'s Bridalplasty just ended and basic cable needs more men and women who inject, fill, remove, tuck, stretch, and implant things on their bodies. This addiction does not come cheap, and it's always eye-opening to see how a normal person can aspire to such ridiculous appearances.

4. Never Nudes

No, Arrested Development's Tobias Fünke is not the only one rocking cut-off denim shorts under his clothing at all times. Gymnophobia, the fear of being naked, is real and would be really entertaining to see in action.

5. Foot Fetishism

It seems pretty prevalent but not discussed nearly enough. Toe rings and ankle bracelets would be seen in an interesting light. 

6. Carpet Eaters

No, not that kind of carpet. We're talking about people who actually eat what they walk on, be it squares, shag or Stainmaster. Babies do it, dogs do it, so why not? If there is someone who eats the inside of couch cushions, why not eat the rest of a living room?

No matter what you do, keep up the good work TLC. It is comforting to see your shows and be able to say,"Well at least I'm not that crazy."

My Strange Addiction is on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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