Skin City

When it comes to tattoos, good work is sometimes hard to find. Picking a trustworthy, talented artist is a daunting task. Not to mention finding someone with exactly the right style and enough experience with a needle not to turn your inkwork into an abomination. Choose wisely, and you get a killer tat that justifies all the pain and expense. Choose poorly, however, and you become fodder for the “Ugly Tattoos” section of FAIL Blog.

Luckily, plenty of outstanding inkers will be on hand for Hell City Tattoo Festival, which kicks off on Friday, August 26. Every style imaginable will be represented at the three-day expo, where 200 artists from around the world will tattoo guests and showcase their work. Attendees can also enter their fully healed work into competitions (as long as they don’t fear the “worst tattoo” category).

There’s more than just ink on display at the expo. Patrons can admire body modifications at piercing booths, a freakshow, and a meet and greet with the Suicide Girls, who will be running a booth and presenting awards to the best tattoo artists each night. Art displays, workshops and seminars, live entertainment, film screenings, and a hot rod show also take place.

Fri., Aug. 26, noon; Sat., Aug. 27, noon; Sun., Aug. 28, noon, 2011
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Melissa Fossum
Contact: Melissa Fossum