Sleeping with Valerianne

It was recently brought to our attention that a third of our lives are spent in bed -- almost 3,000 hours each year -- and yet we continue to buy cheap sheets and tell ourselves that someday we'll get around to making our bedroom a place to enjoy that neglected third of our lives.

The day of renewal has come and everything we need is at Valerianne of Scottsdale.

Located in a 1930s adobe in the heart of Old Town, Valerianne carries fine bed linens, bath accessories, tableware, and unique gifts. Quality and comfort don't come cheap here, but we managed to find a long list of things to take home and even more for our wish list.

Five Things We're Taking home...

1. Cire Trudon Candles - $75. The Trudon family of Paris has been making candles since the 17th century and since a trip to France isn't in the budget we're happy to find this exclusive indulgence here. The variety of intriguing scents make it difficult to choose, but our favorites are the cigar and burning wood "Ernesto" and the crisp scent of "Dada."
2. Santa Maria Novella pomegranate - $65. A stylish way to freshen a room or closet.
3. Hand-Embroidered handkerchiefs from Portugal - $20-30. Ok, they have nothing to do with sleeping and maybe we've watched too many Mad Men episodes, but sometimes we long for something more civilized, something more than just a crumpled Kleenex.
4. John Robshaw throw pillows and bed linens - prices vary. We want the style this NYC designer serves up in luxurious cotton bed linens and throw pillows.
5. French hand soaps - $7-15. Moisturizing soap with scents like bergamot and olive oil.

Three Things On Our Wish List...

1. Hand-made dolls - $215. Again, nothing to do with our bedroom, but we can't resist these dolls made in Brooklyn by a clothing designer.
2. Althea Soule Dishes - prices vary. We love these handcrafted dishes from California, and they go straight from the table to the dishwasher.
3. Alain Saint-Jonais flatware - $365 per place setting. We couldn't stop admiring the fabulous patina of this silverware - a combination of sterling silver and pewter.

We'll Pass On This...

1. Glass and gold soap dispenser - $175. We're not sure why this soap dispenser is so expensive and it looks like a relic from the all-out crazy spending of a few years ago. We'll leave it for someone else.

A Reason To Go Back...

Valerianne owner Greg Harper is more tastemaker and curator than retailer - this charming adobe is always filled with and interesting products thanks to his travels and eye for cutting edge details.

Don't miss this hidden gem...

A charming patio outside the back door leads to a tiny guesthouse packed with everything your never knew you needed for your bathroom - artisan soap dishes, bath towels, and tons more.  Do not miss it.

Valerianne of Scottsdale is at 6922 E. Main Street in Scottsdale. For more information, call (480) 946-8772 or check out their website at




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Jill Keig
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