Smashboxx's New Hotboxx Offers New Opportunities to Record Drunken Nightlife Antics

There's no shortage of drunken shenanigans and pratfalls taking place in Scottsdale's Old Town nightlife district on any given weekend. (Try standing outside of Myst or Axis/Radius at closing time on Saturday night and see what we mean).

And thanks to the abundance of camera phones, there's no shortage of people recording said happenings for the world to enjoy online.

While videos of drunken make-out sessions and human train wrecks in action are likely to result in regret, notorious gossip sites like The Dirty prove there are an equal amount of folks who actually enjoy showing off their inebriated behavior.

Thus is the logic behind Hottbox, the new video booth that was installed recently inside Old Town hot spot Smashboxx.

Just next to the lengthy bar, the Hotboxx allows Smashboxx patrons a chance to record themselves practicing any sort of activity, questionable or otherwise.

You can either record your thoughts on a particular subject, answer a question that's been posted by Smashboxx's staff in the booth (including such challenging, uh...brain-teasers as "What would you give to have better boobs?"), or stage your own version of those confessionals that have been a staple of reality TV shows for years.

Then again, you could just act the fool, make out with your paramour, or simply shout at the camera, as others have done so far since Hotboxx debuted a few weeks ago.

While users have the option of uploading videos to their Facebook pages or YouTube accounts, the Smashboxx staff also have the option of posting it to the club's website.

Remember, there's nothing more expensive than regret.

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Benjamin Leatherman is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times. He covers local nightlife, music, culture, geekery, and fringe pursuits.