SMoCA Fall Opening, Zombie Walk, and Plenty of Halloween Shenanigans Over the Weekend

SMoCA Fall Opening, 10/26/12 Valley art fans flocked to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art for the Fall Opening Friday October 26, 2012, in Scottsdale. Exibitions included work by architect Hector Zamora, Phoenix-based painter Carrie Marill, Los Angeles artist Sherin Guirguis, and several other local artists. Admission was free and attendees interacted with the artists and enjoyed beer and wine.

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Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk 4, 10/27/12 The undead creatures rose from their graves, shook off the dirt, and gathered en masse at Heritage Square on the evening of Saturday, October 27, before stumbling through the streets and sidewalks during the annual Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk 4. Thousands of participants wore ghoulish makeup and ripped clothing as they moved through the city's central core while moaning, groaning, and demanding fresh brains. Good thing the members of the Department of Zombie Defense were on hand to deal with them.

Scottsdale Halloween Party Roundup Hundreds of Halloween revelers and Scottsdale party monsters dressed in sexy, surreal and spectacular costumes as they crowded the bars and nightclubs of Old Town Scottsdale on Saturday, October 27, for an evening of thrills and chills. Wearing a variety of outfits ranging from the fantastic (one chap wore a full set of Ironman armor) to the freaky (another dude dressed as a peeping tom, complete with window shades), they gathered at such hotspots as the "Nightmare on Princess Drive" affair at the Stone Rose Lounge, the annual Ghostball Block Party at Axis/Radius, or the "Dia de los Hefe" shindig at El Hefe.

Downtown Phoenix Halloween Party Roundup This past weekend may not have technically been Halloween, but that didn't stop folks from dressing up. Downtown Phoenix was swarming with creative costumes that ran the gamut from sexy to scary. We were there to capture all of the shenanigans from The Clarendon Hotel to Alwun House, and everything in between.

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