SMoCA Hosts Free Journaling Workshop with Barbara DeMartino

hands-on journaling workshop with local artist Barbara DeMartino

The workshop, hosted by Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in conjunction with its "artists tell stories (mostly about themselves)" exhibition, will be an opportunity to contribute a page or two to a journal from Scottsdale Public Art's 100+ Journals project, which sent more than 100 journals into the community for participation. 

The journals, which will soon be full of notes, collage, drawings, doodles, and poems, will be recollected for an exhibition from March to May at Scottsdale Civic Center's TheGallery@theLibrary. 

Scottsdale Public Art project managers hope the journals, designed by 12 local artists including Monica Lynn Manoski,  Melissa McGurgan, Ryan Peter Miller,  Heather Shandler, Rasheda Smith, Crystal Phelps, Wen Hang Lin, Ronna Nemitz, Christina Ray, Mark Pomilio, Kris Sanford, and Peter Bugg, will create a "community self portrait" that will be on view and archived for future reference. 

DeMartino, a local sculptor who's taught high school art for 35 years, will provide art supplies and guidance, as well as tips on art-journaling techniques and self-expression. The workshop is free and starts 6 p.m. this Thursday, January 5 in the SMoCA Lounge with a free tour of SMoCA's exhibition by Assistant Curator Claire Carter. 

More information about the show can be found on the SMoCA website and details about the 100+ Journals project are on the Scottsdale Public Art Blog. Register for the event by calling (480) 874-4641.

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