SMoCA's "Artists on Artists" Series Continues with a Panel on Public Art

The world of public art hangs on a fascinating balance between reflecting the artist's intention, drawing the viewer's attention, and complementing its surroundings - all while drawing the expected "is that art?" response from community members and visitors alike.

Tonight, local artists Mary Lucking, Bob Adams, and Laurie Lundquist, as well as Los Angeles-based team MERGE Conceptual Design will meet at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art to discuss the triumphs and challenges of creating public artwork.

Each have contributed their visions to temporary and permanent installations in and around Phoenix. Lucking's latest piece was recently deinstalled at the Scottsdale Belle Art Tower, but you can still catch her permanent "Curiouser and curiouser!" at the Arizona Science Center and her gateway at 27th Ave and Baseline in Laveen. Bob Adams's Hall of Mirrors between Phoenix Theatre and the Phoenix Art Museum is a must-see. Laurie Lundquist has beautified some of the city's more notable pedestrian bridges, including her Mountain Pass Pedestrian Bridge.

The panel, moderated by architects Matthew and Maria Salenger is part of SMoCA's the on-going Artists on Artists series and will be an opportunity for the artists to talk about their own work as well as examples from around the globe.

The event at SMoCA, 7374 East Second Street, is open and free to the public and starts at 7 p.m.. See more info on the event invite.

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