SMoCA's Lit Lounge Brings Shaz Bennett, Molly McCloy, Eden Mcnutt, and More to the Stage in August

The next SMoCA Lit Lounge is coming up on August 24, and for those who didn't make it to the sold-out debut on June 22, it might be time to right that wrong.

Lit Lounge, which is best described on the SMoCA Lounge webpage as a little bit This American Life and a little bit rock-n-roll, is a unique fusion of musical and spoken word performances.

And hold it right there -- If that skeptical voice in your head is rolling its eyes and sighing "not another open mic," you can tell him to shove it. Lit Lounge is anything but.

"Lit Lounge, will feature some of the most talented writers, performers and musicians in Arizona performing side-by-side with talent from other parts of the country," says Tania Katan. "Regardless of where they reside, all are a part of a larger dialogue, not "local talent" or 'headliner,' just plain talent."

"My job as the SMoCA Lounge Program Coordinator is to create programs that challenge the traditional rules of what is acceptable within a museum," says Katan. "These new Lounge programs (Lit Lounge, Arm Wrestling for Art, GOOD 'N PLENTY Grant) encourage breaking museum rules, flipping them around and reconstructing them again and again. These programs are all activated by the community--artists and non-artists--and encourage performative gestures, spontaneous conversations and necessary outbursts!"

Replacing quantity with quality, and mundane coffee drinks with a cash bar, SMoCA's Lit Lounge presents a lineup of carefully selected storytellers (see below for details) intertwined with live performances by local musicians; in this case, lesbian rock band, the Pübes (yeah, you're pronouncing that right.)

It's an intimate environment where fellow literary lovers, can mix, mingle, and enjoy refined forms of multifaceted self-expression. Only 100 seats are available, although the event is a month away, half of them are already full.

So if culture, cocktails, and kickass performances interest you, you might want to make your $10 investment right now. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the box office at 480-499-TKTS (8587).

August 24 Writers/Performers:

Shaz Bennett is a writer, comedian, storyteller, filmmaker, and overall modern renaissance creative. From essays, to short stories, one woman acts to independent films, you can find her and her work in such prominent publications such as the Huffington Post, Wire, Cake and Dirty Laundry as well as programs such as The Moth, Third Saturdays, A Shot and a Beer, and Sit n Spin. To find out more about Shaz Bennet, visit her website at

Molly McCloy is a two-time Moth Slam Story award winner. Her writing has been featured in publications such as Slate, Nerve, and Swink. To find out more about Molly visit her site, or check out some of her publish works such as My Fourteen Moments in Metal, My Mexican Dentist, and Rabbit.

Eden Mcnutt is a poet, visual artist, musician, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of a multi-disciplinary improvisational ensemble based in Pittsburgh called Dust & Feathers as well as a longstanding member of the Syrinx Ensemble, His performances and recordings span not only the country but the globe. Check out his most recent creative project / business, New Gaurda.

Robrt Pela is a long time Phoenix New Times writer and arts critic, as well as a curator, essay contributor for National Public Radio's Morning Edition and published author. View Pela's acclaimed work on his Phoenix New Times author's page.

Sativa Peterson is mother, blogger, and Phoenix New Times contributor. Her blog, A Little Bird Told Me, discusses everything from food to parenting to her personal memoirs and her attempts at balancing "what to carry with us into the future, and what to leave behind...."

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