Snakes Alive

Champions almost always save their best performances for the games that matter the most. This is why the Arizona Diamondbacks are championship material. What, to the untrained eye, may have looked like carelessness during Spring Training was in fact a brilliant display of cunning.

Sure, the Diamondbacks could have won more than a third of their games if they’d played like a bunch of try-hards and wasted their best efforts in March. Instead, the Snakes saved almost all of their winning baseball moves for when the games actually count. Now, with the regular season underway, the D-Backs are ready to strike.

Valley fans will get their first real look at the Diamondbacks under pressure in their home opener at Chase Field. The D-Backs will host the defending NL Central champion Cincinnati Reds in a game that should feature plenty of offense.

Fri., April 8, 6:40 p.m., 2011
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Ed Kummerer