Someday My Prints Will Come

Why are Americans so obsessed with individuality? Perhaps because we have a dismal track record with groups. Think Heaven's Gate. The Arizona Cardinals. OJ's first jury.

Printmaker and curator Camilla Taylor knows firsthand that coordinating a group isn't easy, especially when they're all artists. "It's always torture to get people to turn their work in on time," she says. "I remember, in college, getting chewed out by a professor for turning work in late. She was adamant about how tardiness would never fly in the real art world. I find that hilarious now."

Taylor will host a reception for her latest group show -- an exhibition titled "Predilection" -- from 6 to 10 p.m. Friday, October 5. The printmaking showcase features new works by more than 30 artists, including veterans Trent Call and Stefanie Dykes. Because each participant was required to produce 60 prints -- half for artist exchange and half for the $30 print sale -- Taylor personally coached printing virgins through the process. "It took a fair amount of hand-holding," she says, "but mostly because printmaking isn't easy the first time around. My first prints [were] abysmal!"

Sept. 24-Oct. 16, 2007
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Wynter Holden
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