Son of Godsmack

Eyebrow piercings and poor facial hair choices aside, you gotta give Godsmack credit for turning what could have been a trendy, one-hit wonder into a legitimate rock band with an incredibly loyal fan base. When the seminal group first hit the national scene in 1998, it fit easily into the emerging nu-metal genre with bands like P.O.D., Disturbed, and Papa Roach. Fortunately, the band has evolved gracefully. Taking on the term “alternative metal,” Godsmack now sounds more like a bridge between Metallica and Alice in Chains, thanks to lead vocalist Sully Erna, who revels in acoustic rock and world music.

The frontman has embarked on a solo tour in which he’s playing any damn type of music he wants, but he’ll almost certainly please Godsmack fans when he performs at Marquee Theatre.

Tue., Dec. 9, 6:30 p.m., 2008
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Adriane Goetz