Sour Grapes

Granted, it's an attention-getting device, but some come-ons are better than others, and Jamaican Blue Coffeehouse & Wine Bar's weekly White Trash Wine Night is brilliant. Think Thunderbird. Night Train. Any wine that comes with a twist-off cap. Any wine that comes in a plastic jug with a spigot. Any wine wrapped in a paper bag and consumed by freight-train hobos and hicks who live in vans down by the river. On its Web site, the venue invites you to "get sick on the wines from your childhood." The Jamaican Blue dude we got on the line says the prices are "pretty dirt cheap. You can usually get a bottle for, like, five bucks." Wow, talk about your cut-rate high! But wait -- it gets better. Unlike, say, the bus station, this nicely appointed joint's got clean bathrooms to throw up in.
Wednesdays, 2007
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Clay McNear
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