Source Code: Saving The World Eight Minutes at a Time

Besides doing fun relationship stuff like arguing about how to discipline their dog, New Times blogger Tyler Hughes and his girlfriend, Jackie Cronin, go to the movies.

Tyler: Alright, what is up with all of the "dream within a dream" movies lately? I blame Christopher Nolan.

Jackie: Yeah, it's definitely his fault. But this was pretty dang good for what is essentially Groundhog Day without the existentialism

Tyler: Or 50 First Dates with a bomb on a train. It was a lot of fun watching Jake Gyllenhaal react to waking up on the same train and having to live the same eight minutes over and over, watching him react differently to the same characters and incidences on the train. The premise was really good, and I was surprised at how science fiction-y this science fiction thriller was.

Jackie: Yeah, me too, even if the science part was pretty crazy. Being able to go back eight minutes in to someone's life after they have died sounds pretty far fetched, but it didn't really matter that much with such an engaging story. It would be cool seeing Gyllenhaal die then go back and be way more efficient. Plus it was actually kind of funny.

Tyler: I think my favorite line was "Please don't blow me up again." It was just really unexpected, and hilarious. And backdrop was good. Gyllenhaal is tasked with finding a bomb and the bomber on a train, eight minutes at a time. He did a good job as he takes us through his story and he was likable in an Indiana Jones kind of way.

Jackie: Yeah I thought he was good too. Michelle Monaghan played the pretty love interest well.  She did a pretty good job playing the same scene over and over but differently each time. Vera Farmiga was good too as the military captain who is ordering Gyllenhaal around, and was really one of the more humanizing characters. I thought that Jeffrey Wright, despite the awesome beard, was just a little bit too stereotypical of a genius scientist who puts the project above all else.

Tyler: I thought he was alright, but I couldn't stop laughing when he was trying to open the door at the end of the movie. Despite being advertised as an action-y film, I was kind of surprised that there wasn't that much actual action in the film. Besides Gyllenhaal getting hit by a train (which was a totally cringe worthy scene) and having him jump off of it, there really were only a few action scenes, though they were pretty good. 

Jackie: Speaking of the ending, I thought it got kind of predictable after a certain point. Not to say that it wasn't where I thought the movie should go but I could just see it coming. I'm just a little bit over the "dream land" stuff though. But I give it about four months until we get another dream-in-a-dream type movie.

Tyler: I give it three.

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