South of the Border Patrol

We here in this sauna-esque shit hole must be missing something south of the border (no, not guaranteed T&A in Puerto Peñasco), because many of our downtown brethren seem to be living it up in exotic Central and South American lands.

Vaiden Boyer Kirchheimer and hubby Will are soon off to live in Guatemala. Kevin Patterson recently hit a jungle crack factory, then a brothel in Colombia. And Michael23, Joanna23, and Pete Petrisko are fresh off a nine-day trip to Peru (the 23s continued their journey to Bolivia for a week).

The trio present their exhibit and travelogue "bollito turismo o turismo con una bala" (the Spanish phrase roughly translates to "ticket tourism/tourism with a bullet"). The show will also highlight Peruvian finger puppets and Bolivian ceramic figures available for purchase at the space's front gallery.

Says Petrisko, "[We] trekked to Machu Picchu, saw the bones of slaughtered Incans in the catacombs under the San Francisco church in Lima, haggled in street markets, witnessed thousands of teachers marching in the streets for better pay, and spent one afternoon on Ayahuasca, a brew made from the psychoactive vine popularized in William Burroughs' The Yage Letters." Man, we need to vacay with y'all.

Aug. 11-Sept. 7
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