Soy Meets Girl

In our bizarro Carrie Bradshaw world, we dish to a trio of confidants: Madrid the one-legged hip-hop pirate, a plump drag-king named Olive, and Bertrum the Christian Science standup comic. Besieged by technical romantic difficulties, we usually end up over at Olive's for slambooks, nachos, and tequila, swearing lazy vengeance on our last "serious" relationship. Hey, it's tough flying solo in this heat, so we sought out Steve Carlson, host of the annual Super Spectacular Vegan Summer Party and organizer of the Vegetarian Society of Phoenix, a faction of the Singles Meetup organization that tracked, at last count, 874,614 members in 18 countries. (Damn, our odds are getting better all the time.) The group’s Web site invites “Vegetarians, Vegans, Raw Food Enthusiasts, and even the Veg-curious” to come down to Tempe’s Green for various vegan delicacies – including vegan ice cream – and some social intercourse with other swingin’-single greenies (our words, not theirs). Curious, we asked Carlson about the appeal of such groups. His poetic response was, "For it's only in doing healthy things that one fosters emotional well-being and the habits that lead to lasting happiness and mature self-satisfaction." So, you mean, like, showing you the curd in our mouth would be immature?
Fri., July 24, 6:15 p.m., 2009
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Clay McNear
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