Spanish Fly, Mabel's On Main, Dirty 6 Mud Run, First Friday, Black Carl, Gospel Claws, and The Ryche Over the Weekend

Spanish Fly Pool Party Spanish Fly Mexican Beach Club helped get pool party season into motion on Saturday. All of the basics were accounted for: Bikinis, Beer and a DJ...see photos

Kentucky Derby Party at Mabel's on Main The Kentucky Derby could have easily been mistaken for an oversized hat competition by those in attendance at Mabel's on Main on Saturday. Check out all the wild hats, mint julips and overall horsing around...see photos

First Friday May 2011 More art work than you can shake an empty PBR can at and tons of street-based performances; First Friday ain't slowing down as we head into the summer months. Check out several pieces by Jen Urso and a smattering of other local art and zany peeps in this month's slideshow...see photos

Dirty 6 Mud Run Saturday at Rawhide Western Town in Chandler saw at least a thousand people turn up to dive, slide, and slip through mud. Whether they were clambering across muddy logs, jumping into watery pits of sludge or plunging down slides, no one came out clean. At the end of both the six and three mile courses, participants jumped into a watery pit -- some of them belly-flopping or diving in. Luckily there were outdoor showers at the end to wash off, and a few fire trucks along the route to assist...see photos

Black Carl and Gospel Claws at The Duce Who would have thought a boxing ring would make such a great stage? And that an old warehouse turned retro mini-mall and bar would have good acoustics? But both were so Friday night at The Duce in downtown Phoenix, where two well-known local bands, Black Carl and Gospel Claws, "faced off" in a ring with a red, white, and blue apron (packed with two drum sets, two basses, four guitars, a bunch of microphones and amplifiers, and various tambourines and maracas)...full story

See: Black Carl and Gospel Claws in photos.

The Ryche at Club Red Queensryche wasn't in town last night, but for their fans, what went down at Club Red had to be the very definition of "next best thing." Following an introduction by Queensryche singer Geoff Tate, in town to pimp his Insania Wine, the Ryche took the stage...full story

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Jonathan McNamara