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Speakers Announced for Pecha Kucha No. 4

Ayers says that additional presenters will be announced in the next day or two. More info, as well as profiles on each person) can be found over on the PKP site.

As with any PechaKucha -- which is pronounced "Peh-chotch-kah" and is a Japanese phrase meaning "chit chat" -- each presenter will use exactly 20 slides (displayed for 20 seconds each) to discuss their particular topic.

Esser, who will present info on the Desert Initiative, says he's looking forward to the challenge of limiting his presentation to that amount of time.

"It's a challenge, yes, but the format provides a good flashpoint for framing a conversation and a good opportunity to introduce people to your topic," he says.

Unlike the varied subject matter of discussion events such as Ignite Phoenix, PechaKucha (which was originally launched in 2003 in Tokyo and has spread to cities around the world) focuses solely on design, architecture, and other artistic endeavors. Oh, and there's also some alcohol involved, as Ayers describes it as "a night of thinking and drinking."

It's one of the reasons why Ayers moved PKP to FilmBar. While the last edition have taken place at Bragg's Pie Factory, he chose to use the downtown Phoenix theatre and lounge this time around. 

I've always wanted to do it smaller (under 100 people) so I could do it more frequently," he says. "And also make it a little less formal. It's supposed to be a happy hour type of atmosphere."

Pecha Kucha Phoenix No. 4 will take place at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, October 19, at FilmBar. Admission is $10. Click here for more details.

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