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Spencer Hibert on Goo Goo Ghandi

Artist Spencer Hibert has done good.

Not only does he run Soyal Gallery in Scottsdale with Emmett Potter III, he also won a New Times Big Brain Award for Visual Arts.

When we profiled the guy, we talked all about his Miigiis. The small toys, created by Hibert, can be found in vending machines everywhere. According to Hibert, a Miigii can diminish a person's bad luck.

His newest figure, named Goo Goo Ghandi, is on display at Soyal for the "Melt Down!" show (check out our Melt Down slideshow here). So we figured a little Q&A was in order.

And, yes, GGG also has some special powers. Read all about it after the jump.

What's GGG made of?
Rotationally hand-casted hollow resin.

How did you get the idea?
I created this character a few years back, and recently released different handmade, one off 7" full-figure versions. He totally fit the "Melt Down!" show theme, so I thought, what better opportunity to push myself and create the same figure as a larger than life-size bust!  

Occasionally, I like taking classical elements from things and modernizing them. That way the viewer feels a familiarity while his or her mind is being pushed in a new direction. I wanted it to be interpreted as a permanent ice sculpture for the show.

Does this figure have any special powers/purpose?
Yes! Where as the Miigiis have the power of storing the bad luck of humans while dreaming, Goo Goo Ghandi has the power of absorbing a human's negative energy while meditating with him. Once the meditation has begun, GGG will absorb the negative which he then uses as food. His digestive process alters the state of this energy into a strong positive radiation.  GGG is a shape shifter, therefore, he does not need his full body to wield the same powers.

Have you meditated with GGG? How did that work out for you?
Haha . . . being the creator, yes I have had plenty of time to meditate with GGG. It worked like a dream.

Will you try to sell this to the masses via vending machines like you did with the Miigiis?

We'll see . . . but for now, melt with me!

The "Melt Down" show is up at Soyal Gallery in Scottsdale through August 12. Soyal Gallery is located at 4200 N. Marshall Way, Ste.s 2 & 3.

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