Spirited Away

Red Rocker, former Van Halen vocalist, and Cabo Wabo tequila producer Sammy Hagar believes salt is a must when tasting tequila. “Salt opens up the tongue to the tequila’s sweetness,” he says. Don’t even think about shooting it. “Sip,” Hagar adds. “Let it linger on the tongue for full effect.”

More than 150 name-brand and boutique tequilas will be available for imbibing at the third annual Tequilazona! If just to ward off next-day headaches, Hagar's slow and steady advice makes good sense. Tequila has several quality levels, so look for higher end labels like Reposado and Anejo. And remember that the best tequilas won’t burn, but satiate the palate with smoky, earthy, dusky, and even fruity flavors. (You will sound so impressive.)

Sat., April 14, 6-9 p.m., 2012
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