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Spotted: Frances and Smeeks in Holiday with Matthew Mead

Yes, this is eye candy.

It's true, we're fans of Frances and Smeeks (the local boutique and candy shop in Phoenix) and when they both happened to land in the first issue of "Holiday with Matthew Mead" this month, we only had one thing to say: Double whammy.

Mead, and his crew held a holiday photoshoot at Smeeks in June, which we were more than excited to blog about. The much-anticipated issue holds a 14-page photo- and story-spread featuring famed mom-blogger Stephanie Nielson and her connection to Smeeks with a shout out to Frances toward the front of the book-sized magazine.

More details and photos after the jump ...

Mead's a celebrity lifestyle and entertainment expert and is a regular contributor to Real Simple, In Style Weddings, and Better Homes and Gardens.

He calls Holiday a "book-azine" that's packed with seasonal crafts, recipes, stories, and of course photos to satisfy the appetite of any holiday craft binger.

No surprise Mead listened to Nielson when she recommended Smeeks and Frances as must-sees (and great photo backdrops) in Phoenix. But you'll have to see the spreads to see what we mean.

To check out Nielson's story and see more photos, check out the mag's website. Or pick up a copy at your local magazine retailer (we snatched ours at Frances.)

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