Spotted: Roosevelt Row Map, Pasted
photo by Claire Lawton

Spotted: Roosevelt Row Map, Pasted

On a drive down Roosevelt Street in downtown Phoenix this week, we noticed a map. A big map. And if you've seen our Field Guides, you know how we feel about directional guidelines and icons.

The map, pasted on a mural we covered earlier by Joerael Elliott, is an effort by Roosevelt Row, headed up by Kenny Barrett (whose name you might recognize as the mastermind behind the Growhouse/GROWop boutique).

Roosevelt Row was given permission to use the billboard on the side of five15 art gallery to promote the local businesses and galleries.

According to Cindy Dach, a board member of Roosevelt Row, the group decided to create a map/directory, because they wanted something community members and visitors could use to navigate the neighborhood on First Fridays, Third Fridays (and let's be real, we could all go there all the time).

The bar code-type graphic at the bottom center can be scanned with a smart phone and will automatically direct to a downloadable map or the Roosevelt Row website, which will be revamped (along with the map, which will ultimately be done and re-pasted in a new medium, says Dach) in January.

Dach says the map will have a rotating border, with the backdrop of Elliott's mural being the first.

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