Spotted: Sebastien Millon's Wonderfully Weird Artwork on

Sebastien Millon operates in a world where bears are usually drunk, owls appreciate fat beets, and hamsters occasionally do meth.

The Phoenix-based illustrator says he draws on a number of inspirations for his series of twisted-yet-charming characters, who have been displayed on the walls of Downtown galleries, printed on T-shirts and bags sold at local boutiques, and crafted into plushies. And while you can check out all of the creations on Millon's website, you can also take advantage of his special deal on

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"My true passion and actual source of income comes from my work as a professional Moose Whisperer," writes Millon. "I currently have several reality shows in the works based on my Moose Whispering skills."

The team at Fab write that while it's not everyday they run across hamsters on meth, Millon's work fit right in with their sense of humor. "The world of Sebastien Millon is not too dissimilar to our own, except that it somehow manages to be even more troubling. Running amok with creatures so cutesy as to be faintly disturbing, his artwork is clever, creepy, unreservedly twee, and completely friggin' strange. In Millon's world, hamsters go on meth-fueled rampages, ghosts brag about their latest act of terror, bunnies bare vampiric fangs, and snooty, hooty owls silently judge you. This digital print on archival paper gives you a taste of the artist's enviably peculiar body of work."

Millons prints are 12-by-18 inches on archival paper and are $14 each on through Sunday.

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