Startling Lineups

Being an opening musical act is kind of lame. Concert headliners get all the hot teenage jailbait and ass loads of applause while supporting bands are pelted with beer bottles. Of course, it could be worse. After Eagles of Death Metal opened for Guns N’ Roses in Cleveland last fall, the legendary Axl Rose announced to the crowd that the “Pigeons of Shit Metal” would never open for him again. Ouch.

Local music bookers Trevor and Tachi Denton of Fiasco Shows are part of a new generation of promoters with a simple theory on creating a killer concert lineup: schedule not-quite-ready-for-prime-time bands that don’t suck. “The show isn’t successful if you aren't enjoying the majority of it,” says Tachi. “We understand that each band has their own fans, but we’re trying to build a reputation that if you go to see one band at one of our shows, you'll enjoy the rest as well.”

Fiasco Shows' latest showcase features indie rock bands A Life of Science, Aurele, The Tuning Room, We Spell Disaster, and The Scenic Line. While Axl Rose may still be a god to aging metalheads, Fiasco will never book musicians with a hankering for onstage tomfoolery and back stage snobbery. “It’s hard to have a good time when one band puts off a vibe that they are better than everyone else,” says Tachi. “It helps when the bands are kind, no matter how popular they are.”

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Wynter Holden
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