State of the Arts: 10 Things Phoenix Needs to Do

Consider yourself on notice, Phoenix. Here are 10 things to do in the next three years.

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Phoenix Art Museum: Hire a contemporary art curator who develops at least one Phoenix-centric exhibition.

Dance companies: Engage a non-traditional space with a new work, like Ballet Arizona did with Topia and the Desert Botanical Garden.

Heard Museum: Show an original contemporary art exhibition with work strictly from Arizona artists.

Phoenix Theatre: Bring in a new curator to create changing exhibitions for the lobby.

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art: Hire a new curator of performing arts -- and bring back Lit Lounge.

Arts organizations: Create partnerships with local schools -- and not just arts charters -- to bring the arts to all kids.

Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue: Create a new signature event that connects the arts districts and is more than another art walk.

Arizona State University: Establish a program connecting arts grads to jobs and funding opportunities in Phoenix.

Independent galleries: Start competing with high-level galleries by showing serious exhibitions, paying curators, and opening for regular hours during the week and weekends.

Politicians: Stop cutting the budget of the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Artists need more grant opportunities like Art Tank, not fewer.

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