Steampunk Street II Takes Over Mesa This Friday

Steampunk Street II (a part of Second Sci-fi Friday) is set to kick off April 8 with live music, artists, and vendors supplying all the daily necessities of a true steampunk.

The event, hosted by the consignment shop Evermore Nevermore, will take over the entire south side of Main Street from Robson to MacDonald in Mesa.

While Steampunk Street II is meant to attract the explosion of Arizona airship captains and plasma cannon wielders, Amanda Tucker, co-owner of Nevermore, emphasized that its inclusion in the Sci-Fi 2nd Friday is encouraging the mixing and co-existing of various genres.

She says the mix has upset a few attendees in the past with cross-genre events such as the sci-fi fashion show and the infusion of her own interpreted steampunk costumes.

"I think of steampunk as more like BladeRunner-meets-Star Wars, but some people don't like that," says Tucker. "They go 'Well in Victorian times they didn't have this pattern or sewing technique...' I'm like: 'It's fantasy, why are you arguing about something that doesn't exist?' Just sit back and let it happen. Enjoy it."

Robert Leeper, owner of Evermore Nevermore, says there will be more than 25 artists displaying their work, including Oddity Commodity doing free sketches in-store. There will also be a live performance by steampunk band Future Kind and a steampunk infused sci-fi fashion show at the event.

The free event has drawn hundreds of people in the past with positive reception and is expected to bring in more than 3,000 attendees this Friday.

For more information check out the 2nd Friday website.

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