Stepping Out

Watching Arabian horses high-stepping through the ring is akin to seeing history on the hoof. Imagine the famous (and infamous) folks who have ridden Arabian horses, be it for conquest or pleasure, contests or sport, during the breed’s 3,000-year history. Known for speed, loyalty, and intelligence, the breed -- distinctive for its dished face and wide, expressive black eyes, high-held tail, and sleek lines -- remains awe inspiring. Fine examples of the horse will be on display and competing at the American Cup Championship Arabian Horse Show, the largest event of its kind in the United States. Popular events include: Country English Pleasure Open, Hunter Pleasure Limit Horse, Western Trail Horse, Ladies Side Saddle English & Western, and more. All include riders adorned in lavish period costumes.

Ride over to the American Cup Championship Arabian Horse Show from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, November 8, at WestWorld of Scottsdale, 16601 North Pima Road. Spectator admission is free. Visit or call 866-448-7849 for tickets.

Fri., Nov. 8, 8 a.m.; Sat., Nov. 9, 8 a.m.; Sun., Nov. 10, 8 a.m., 2013
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Glenn BurnSilver
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