Steve Strauss and His Eclectic Arcadia Abode

Steve Strauss and his Arcadia home can be described using the same adjectives -- eclectic and passionate, yet relaxed.

The part-owner of Wag N' Wash (the pet supply and DIY washing station in Phoenix) and percussionist of the long-time local band Azz Izz has lived in the Orange Grove Heights neighborhood for more than 12 years.

His house, he says, is a "constant work in progress."

Strauss tries to do one major home-improvement project a year and maybe two or three smaller ones, but also has a laid back approach to decor and likes to "let things fall into place."

His home is full of relics from his travels (travel is a passion -- he makes time for several trips each year) and art and photos from family and friends.

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​Strauss talks with boundless energy about any number of subjects ... and his home reflects his myriad interests.

Upon entry, visitors view his fez collection, "I collect bobbles, accoutrements and all things that come with Shrinerism" (if that's a word). He also collects 1950s cocktail shakers, cassette tapes, and eye-glasses.

He's crazy about the sleek lines of vintage Vespas, and is totally animated when talking about music, whether it's his own band (Azz Izz has been around since 1989), Jamaican soul, or the unavailability of music in schools today ("the biggest problem in education ... they are removing the arts from the system," he rants).

Strauss knows what he likes, but also makes allowances for his changing tastes in decor.

Where he used to gravitate toward crazy, bright colors, he's now appreciating warmer woods and teaks, using color as an accent rather than the primary focus. The essence of his home, "I want to be comfortable."

Check out the full slideshow of Steve Strauss's house.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.