What Are You Wearing?

Steve Weiss and Abbey Messmer's Halloween Creations

​Potential costume contest participants be warned: local creatives Steve Weiss and Abbey Messmer are back in the studio and working on their get-ups for Halloween. 

The duo, known for their annual mutant pinata creations and individual projects (Weiss is the indie film programming guru at No Festival Required; Messmer's a local painter), are sharpening their scissors and hoarding felt for the weekend's festivities. 

While neither is done with their Halloween creation, they agreed to indulge us with what they're working on.  

What are you wearing for Halloween? 
Weiss: An enlightened being with a third eye. 
Messmer: I hope to be a nerdy penguin and Zach will be a Mean 'Ol Candy Corn ... except my costume is one-fourth constructed with less than 48 hours until Halloween parties! aaahhhhh! 

Is it handmade or from the store? 
Weiss: Handmade with a couple pieces of hardware from Walgreens and Michaels. 
Messmer: Always handmade. Candy Corn out of felt is a BREEZE! Once I was Rainbow Bright, totally handmade masterpiece! 

Where will you wear your costumes? 
Weiss:A private party, though I think with all the effort my gang should hit one costume party with prize money in the proximity. 
Messmer:House party on Saturday. 

What's the best costume you've ever seen? 
Weiss:Last year my friends went as the rescued Chilean miners, even Abbey went butch. It was rad.(there are photos of this around) 
Messmer: HipHoppopotamus and/or DoubleRainbow 

What three things no one should ever be for Halloween? 
Weiss: Hitler, Bin Laden or men dressed as women who don't know how to carry it off. 
Messmer: The sky's the limit and the funny or gross ones top the chart for me! The only thing people should not do is stay at home, be totally un-creative, and not dress-up!

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