Steve Wiley: Five Reasons Not to Have Kids

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Five Reasons to Think Twice About Being a Parent

5. Your energy will be gone.

Kids are like energy vampires. They've got so much of the stuff that you think they wouldn't need all of yours ... but they are greedy like that (amongst a thousand other things) and they are going to suck all the energy out of you too.

As a single guy, or as a kidless couple, after you done a hard day's work you can come home and kick back and chill. You have to feed yourself, but you can at least show some patience with it. Not the case with your yard apes. The little rascals want food, love, and attention -- and they want it now -- regardless of whether or not you are "up to it".

This is especially true for the first 18 years or so. (I bet you thought I'd say five years or something like that, eh?)

4. Your extra time will be gone.

Even if you had any energy left, your schedule will be so overwhelmed with pick-ups, drop-offs, practices, and the ever-popular birthday parties (if I had a dollar for every birthday party) that it wouldn't matter.

You want your kids to have a good social life and lots of activities, so there's no way around it. My wife and I basically negotiate doing things away from them, or we'd be around kids about 100 percent of our non-work time.

"Oh it's my turn for free time? I'll be taking a nap."

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