Steve Wiley: Five Reasons Not to Have Kids

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You Mean It's Not All Snuggles and Love? 3. Your spending money will be gone. Before my wife and I got married and had kids, it wasn't like I had a bunch of extra money (after all, I've was in the record store business for 25 years), but I had a little extra.

I had partial Diamondback's season tickets, and full Cardinals season tickets. If the Cards had a home game, I'd take off early, tailgate, drink, and make an entire day out of it. It wasn't even a problem after I got married. Even though my wife wasnt' a fan, she didn't care because she had her free time too.

That all came crashing down with the birth of my oldest son. Not only did our overall expenses increase significantly, but now my all-day absence meant my wife was on duty all day long. Goodbye, season tickets.

4. Your house will be a mess.

Let's assume you run a tight ship. Or at least that you aren't a slob. You throw out your garbage, throw your dirty clothes in a hamper, put dishes in a dishwasher (or at least the sink) ...

Um, kids don't do that stuff. They don't care. No matter how much you tell them.

They wipe stuff (usually "organic" matter of some sort) on the couch and the walls and their beds and everything. They leave clothing, toys, and almost anything else you can think of in their rooms, in your room, in the yard, everywhere. Not clean stuff, dirty stuff. Not only are they not concerned about germs, they seem to like them.

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