Steve Wiley: What to Do When Your Kids Become Corporate Branding Machines

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Mind If We Put Our Logo on Your Kid? Admittedly, I wasn't concerned about any of this when I was a kid. But corporate branding is a whole new ballgame in the 21st century . . . and the playing field is my kids.

My eyes were originally opened by a Canadian writer named Naomi Klein and her amazing book No Logo (there is a phenomenal recap video above, check it out). It explains in great detail the art and motivation of branding, and how it affects each of us in our community (not to mention humans in deplorable factory conditions all of the world).

I've never looked at the world the same since. (Wow, as a writer, it would be pretty cool to have that affect on just one person).

I've eliminated my support of a number of giant retailers completely (the all-time evil empire, Walmart, was first to go, in 1992), and I'm constantly doing my best to stay indie.

Hopefully, you've heard the indie support cry from others. There are tons of small businesses and valiant organizations out there doing their best to get the message out.

But in spite of it all, it sure is an uphill battle.

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