Sticky Fingers

With their predilection for couture coifs and garish fashion, it’s sometimes difficult to tell one hipster DJ apart from the rest. So it’s kinda telling that William Fucking Reed differentiates some of the residents for his new Sticky Fingers weekly not only by their names and music tastes, but also by appearance. “There’s Edgar, who’s got Bay City Roller hair, wears flared pants and is always super glammed out. He’ll be playing glitter rock.” Reed says. “And Doubletrouble is these two girls Kelly Calabrese and Kaitlyn Nelson who do a lot of garage rock and glam. And they’re pretty, pretty hot.” Stop by Rips Ales & Cocktails, 3045 North 16th Street, on Friday, April 30, during the launch party and you’re also likely to see such stylish cats as Kristoefur (funk and soul), Shane Gambill (post punk), and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Patrol in the mix. The weekly fashion and dance music fiesta will also feature VJ Matt Castleberry mixing vintage concert videos, CD and concert ticket giveaways, hairstylists on premises, and more.
Fridays, 10 p.m., 2010
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