Stocket Pocket Is the New Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you're ready to take your ugly Christmas sweater to the next level -- and by "next level" obviously we mean making it 10 times more ridiculous -- the fun-loving folks over at Team Phun are ready to take your hard-earned hipster money.

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This season the San Diego-based brand unveiled the latest innovation in yuletide fashion with its new Stocket Pocket holiday collection. As questionable in function as it is in design, the signature Stocket is comprised of an ugly Christmas stocking stitched to the front of red and green sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Team Phun's Stocket Pockets holiday collection comes with your stocking choice of "Cool Moose" or "Mustache Snowman," both sporting a pair of wayfarer shades, because hipsters.

Judging by Team Phun's promotional ads, Stocket Pockets are ideal for anyone who enjoys toting their Chihuahua around in a holiday BabyBjörn or carrying cheap bottles of Merlot on their chest.

And with prices ranging from $27.99 to $37.99, we recommend picking up a glue gun, heading to the dollar store, and saving yourself the added expense of something we both know you'll only wear once.

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