Stupid Cupid

Even when you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day seriously blows. You’re with someone for an extended amount of time, and just because some stupid cherubic jerk with heart shaped weaponry decided it’s his day, you have to spend extra money on the person you spend an absurd amount of money on anyway.

With expectations high, someone is bound to be disappointed by the amount of effort (or lack thereof) exerted by their significant other. So screw it. Head on down to Hula’s Modern Tiki, 4700 North Central Avenue, for the Anti-Valentine's Day Celebration with your sweetheart, boff buddy, regular buddy or “seriously, we’re just buddies” not-so-buddy for a night of drinking away the absurdity of the day. Bring in a photo of your ex (or exes, if Cupid has been especially cruel to you) and add it to the bonfire for $5 off your next Hula’s visit. But, if we’re being honest, this is a great way to surround yourself with single people. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly don’t think Valentine’s Day sucks so much.

Thu., Feb. 14, 6 p.m., 2013
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Christina Caldwell