Summer Guide 2008

Piggy bank empty? Yeah, ours, too. Gas is so expensive that it costs too much to cross this town, let alone leave it. There's even a term for this summer's phenomenon: staycation.

In honor of all you budget crunchers out there, we've sent our own penny pinchers out to find you the cheapest cures for the summertime blues.

Megan Irwin's got war stories from the front lines of the used-clothing business. Robrt Pela shops in his parents' home — and suggests some friendlier options for you.

Benjamin Leatherman's been collecting the sweetest resort deals, and he's also compiled a handy list of the best happy hours around town, as well as additional ways to earn cash by parting with possessions.

Michele Laudig presents a jaw-dropping assortment of non-franchised dining options for under a ten-spot — some way under — to keep your tummy happy on a budget.

As always, our Summer Guide brings you a full rundown on the season's movies (catch the matinee — it's cheaper, and air-conditioned). We've got the one "happy" book you need to read this summer and, finally, in "Transplant Rejection," Wynter Holden shares her own "happy place." Here's a hint: It's not Portland, Oregon.

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