Summer Guide 2013

Summer is the perfect time for cool hunting in Phoenix. The streets are empty, the days are long, the nights even longer — unless you know what to fill them with. Don’t worry, we’ve got plans for you. Keep cocktails weird and track down our food critic’s favorite ethnic eats across the Valley. Work it off with a round-up of “boutique fitness” options and a shopping trip for industrial salvage. Catch up on the summer film scene, then top it off with an escape — Antarctica, anyone? Okay, then how about Jerome?. For more stuff to do, eat, buy and listen to, visit our blogs: Chow Bella (, Jackalope Ranch ( and Up on the Sun ( Stay cool.

Unusual Cocktails: Put Down That Jack and Coke This Summer

Ethnic Eats: Five Restaurants to Tantalize Your Palate

Summer Movies: Joss Whedon and Much Ado About Nothing

Summer Movies: What's Coming Up

Boutique Fitness: More Than a Boring Old Treadmill

Salvaged Style: What's Old Is New Again

Escapes: Where to Beat the Valley Heat

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