Summer Vacation: Three Places to Relax in the Valley

We're super envious of kindergartners and college kids. Not because they get away with doing stupid shit like pissing themselves or napping through class, but because we're mad jealous they have summers off. 

Sure, everyone would love a three-month break, but not everyone has that luxury. We've got bills to pay, (and blogs to write). However every now and then, we like to splurge on a mini staycation in our own backyard to escape the daily grind.

Check out some of our favorite places 'round to the Valley to do just that.

The W Scottsdale
We're in the middle of the dessert. Sure there's plenty of sand, but there's not a beach in sight. For the most part, it's hot, dry, and overall miserable ... unless you're getting wet at the W Hotel in Scottsdale.

Located above the hotel entrance on the second floor, the W's "WET" pool is arguably one of the sexiest cement ponds around. Four portholes on the bottom of the pool provide voyeurs a sneak-peek of the action from below, while underwater music keeps the party flowing.

The W's offering a pretty sweet three-night deal this summer. Pay the regular rate on your first night, then your birth year for the other two. For example, the average rate in August is $189, and you were born in 1986. You'll pay $361 + taxes for a three night getaway to one of the sickest properties in the desert.

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain
We don't condone skipping work, but we're totally okay with calling in sick one day and hitting up the Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. From now through August 31, Sanctuary's offering Arizona residents a weekday package that includes a 60-minute spa treatment, lunch, and an all day pass to the spa's facilities for $145.

Toss the shitty chair massager you bought last year at that mall kiosk out and indulge a little.

Hotel Valley Ho
The hotel is one of the greatest representations mid-century modern architecture, but the reason we love it so much is because we think the Jetsons would stay here if they ever visited Scottsdale--we've had a cartoon crush on Jane since we were kids.

The hotel's currently running a special perfect for long weekends: receive a free fourth night when you stay three consecutive nights at Valley Ho.

That's hard to beat, unless of course you've been forced to evacuate due to wildfires. In that case, the hotel's offering $75-a-night rates, and $499 weekly rates for folks affected by the fires in AZ.

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