Sunglasses, Restyled (Case Included)

It's nearing summer, which means sunglasses are no longer a fashion statement but a necessity. But let's not let the personal style go.

We picked up a pair of bedazzled shades in Mesa's The Goods Store and decided to use a little inspiration to jazz up our own pair (and an equally necessary carrying case) by adding a healthy dose of cabochons, which can found in many stores on Etsy and at local crafty spots including SAS.

--E6000 glue
--Sewing Machine

For the Glasses:
1. Buy, beg, or steal a pair of undecorated sunglasses.

2. Nab a stash of cabochons.
3. Using E-6000 glue, attach the cabochons to the sunglasses. TIP: you may need to hold them in place with painters tape until they dry completely over night

For the Case:
1. Lay sunglasses out on a double layer piece of wool felt, trim to the correct size

2. Cut top edge with pinking sheers
3. Using a sewing machine and matching thread, sew the two sides and the bottom of the case.

4. Using E-6000, glue your cabochons to your case.

5. Load the case with your glasses and you are ready to go!

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