Sunnyslope Art Walk: A Preview

Next Saturday marks the fifth year of the Sunnyslope Art Walk. And if "art walk" isn't among the first descriptors that come to mind when you think of the area due north of Phoenix, this free event on April 14 is bound to change your mind.

The walk will take place from 5 to 9 p.m. along Central Avenue between Dunalp and the canal. It will feature more than 100 artists showcasing and selling their original works, offering everything from the farmable and hangable to the wearable and the "I think it's a wind chime?" categories.

In addition, musical performances will be scattered throughout the event, including local acts, Cover Story and Snake Town; as well as Andy Naylor, Bella Q Dance Studio, Carol Pacey & Andy Borunda, Donjay, Full Moon Jazz, Refugees from the '60s and Sya. They'll even have various restaurants (and fast-food establishments) set up along the way to provide food and drinks to keep you going.

Sunnyslope Art Walk
Returning musical performer Carol Pacey

And if temperatures get too heated or you find yourself growing weary of all that fresh air, you can stop in any of the numerous businesses participating in the Art Walk including



Grinders Coffee Company


Nielsen Design Studios

, and the

Sunnyslope Village Center


For a full list of participants and the artists being featured at each venue, check out the map here

Free parking is available at Sunnyslope High School, Sunnyslope Village Center, John C. Lincoln North Mountain's Cowden Center, and designated areas on the map provided.

Remember, the Sunnyslope Art Walk is a semi-annual event, so if you do miss it, or simply want to relive the magic, there will be another Walk on October 13.

For more information visit the Sunnyslope Art Walk Facebook Page.

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