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Sunset Social Club at Hotel Palomar Offers An Arty Sunday Afternoon Alternative

For most folks around this time of year, Sunday afternoons usually involve watching the hard-hitting action of football superstars on the biggest HDTV possible. Those who aren't NFL fanatics, on the other hand, spend the remainder of their weekend catching up on the exploits of zombie-fighting anti-heroes, heroic serial killers, or old timey bootleggers.

As much fun as it is to chillax front of the tube, a few local party gurus - including fauxShow's Jared Alan and nightlife impresario Jen Deveroux -- would prefer it if y'all hit the off switch and instead spent the fleeting hours of your Sunday afternoons engaging in conversation over cocktails on the Hotel Palomar's rooftop during the weekly Sunset Social Club.

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Deveroux says the arty Sunday soiree, which launched earlier this month at the CityScape hotel's chic indoor/outdoor Lustre Bar, are meant to provide urbanites with a way to wind down from their weekend adventures and decompress before returning to the inevitable grind of the work week.

"It's basically a daytime party into the night," she says. "We're trying to have the same sort of premise as the sort of parties by the pool at the Standard [Hotel] in L.A. It's just a gathering to come and have a mimosa, see live art, listen to some indie or Motown and relax."

And like those renowned and trendy El Lay affairs, the Sunset Social Club is envisioned as a potent mix of art, cocktails, music, and culture.

Deveroux and Alan, both of whom promote within downtown Phoenix's indie rock and hipster scenes, joined forces with a handful of other local nightlife bigwigs for the event, such as Blunt Club artist/organizer Adam "Dumperfoo" Dumper and Hidden House's resident record-spinner Al Page. As such, the musical palette is fairly diverse, running from funk and soul songs on vinyl to the latest in Pitchfork darlings.

The event's organizers also envisioned a melting pot and meeting ground of sorts for members of the different downtown Phoenix art and party scenes. Each week, various local artists and painters will adorn fresh canvases with their work while guest DJs and live bands offer their distinct sounds.

"It's definitely something chill where you're not getting hit with banging electro and dubstep," Deveroux says. "You get enough of that sort of thing at clubs."

The Sunset Social Club takes place at 4 p.m. every Sunday at the Hotel Palomar's Lustre Bar. Admission is free.

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