Super Bowl 2015: Seven Football Players We'd Like to See (Play) in Phoenix

NFL owners announced yesterday that the Super Bowl will return to Phoenix in 2015

Phoenix beat out Tampa for super game slot; it'll be the third time we've hosted a slew of buffed-out ball players competing for the national title. 

So while we wait for the big day, we'll toss in our chips for the abs, er, players we'd like to see in town ... a few years from now. 

(Note: each athlete's ability to play, as well as team and position, are destined to change ... but it's not like we'll be taking our eyes off the jersey-swapping sidelines, anyway.) 

7. Adrian Peterson 
Adrian Peterson may be the best thing to come out of Oklahoma, and he's certainly not hard to watch during any Minnesota Vikings game. 

The running back is known for his game-time focus. And judging by the lovely photo to the right, we have a feeling he might be just as impressive off the field. 

6. Osi Umenyiora 
The New York Giants' defensive end is having a dramatic and injury-ridden beginning to his 2011 season, but he's has already made it to, and won, the big game once. 

The worst part about a hot placekicker is a lack of camera time. Sure, the dude doesn't get hit like his big friends in a shit ton of padding, and he doesn't quite look as relieved when he douses himself with that Gatorade bottle, but Adam Vinatieri is damn fine to look at on the bench, on the field, mid-kick, at the after party ... 

4. Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush ditched the Kardashian and stopped making work out videos ... now he just needs to drop the pizza promo gig, and we'll take him out after the game. 

If it were up to us, the Heisman Trophy winner (and returner) and running back for the Miami Dolphins can spend all the time he wants on camera -- after a couple crunches. 

3. Sam Bradford

Yeah, we know, The St. Louis Rams' quarterback hasn't looked worse since the cologne-bombers from AXE got their razors near his messy hair.  

​To be honest, Bradford will always have that disheveled, "guy who will smile at you really cute for biology answers" look (oddly similar to HGTV's David Bromstad), which we simply can't deny. 

Just grow your hair back, Sam, and we'll watch you toss a few.

2. Larry Fitzgerald
One for the home team crowd ... Larry Fitzgerald gets the nice guy award, but also scores big in the "points for taking off his jersey and smiling all the time" department. 

Plus, he lives up the street, which makes things a whole lot easier. 

1. Mark Sanchez

We don't care whether or not this guy even plays football (and good thing, because the quarterback of the New York Jets hasn't been having a stellar season). 

Mark Sanchez looks great without all those layers of foam and kevlar, and if he miraculously makes it to the big game, he can show us what he's really worth. 

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Claire Lawton
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