Super Official News Claims Lawn Gnome's Bill Murray Party on Wednesday Will Be Visited By the Actor's Agent

According to the Facebook page for Lawn Gnome Book's "Bill Murray Crashpad" party, more than 200 people are planning on attending the nutty affair in honor of the Hollywood star on Wednesday night.

And Bill Murray's agent will reportedly be one of those in attendance. Or at least that's the contention of Super Official News, the notorious satire website, which posted a story recently that the actor's agent Paul Horner will grace the event.

The item, which was posted on Thursday, also pimped Lawn Gnome's party and gave plenty of details about the event. Aaron Johnson, the bookstore's owner and organizer of the event, says that the attention has been great, even if neither Murray nor his agent show up on Wednesday.

In fact, he's pretty sure that Super Official News' story is a lark. But that's not stopping him from hoping against hope that the actor will somehow show up.

"Yeah, it's totally a joke," Johnson says. "But I will say this, it's a joke that's getting attention. And when things gets attention that's when things happen. The odds of Bill Murray knowing there's a party going on in Phoenix in his honor keep increasing the more people talk about it."

Johnson organized the event after Super Official News got the Internet buzzing earlier this month when it originally posted a story claiming that Murray, a noted party crasher, would be stopping by soirees held in 24 cities across the county. (Like Johnson, the folks at Metro Retro decided to put on a Bill Murray party.)

"Who knows if he's actually going to show up? It would great if Bill Murray hung out on Fifth Street, but even if he doesn't, it's still going to be a great party," Johnson says.

As such, Johnson expects to be occupied getting ready for the event, which will feature activities and entertainment inspired by the actor and his movies taking place at the venues and businesses along Fifth Street.

To wit: Provacatease Burlesque will offer a Ghostbusters-inspired routine, Sean Whitcomb will bring out his Mobile Karaoke Unit for some Lost in Translation-style singing, and a Life Aquatic water balloon and squirt gun fight will ensue. Johnson is also creating a Caddyshack miniature golf course, a "Bill Murray Pleasuredome," and will host trivia games and a costume contest.

"The next two days are going to be crazy busy getting ready for this," Johnson says.

The Bill Murray Crashpad Party takes place at 8 p.m. on Wednesday at Lawn Gnome and other businesses on Fifth Street in downtown Phoenix. Admission is free.

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