Surf Paradise

There comes a time in every rocker's life when he grows weary of performing that signature hit, night after night. Even the metalheads of KISS are bound to stop wanting to rock 'n' roll all night (and party every day). Not Dick Dale. "The King of Surf Guitar," who slams into the Rhythm Room on Sunday, March 7, says he's always on board to blast out "Miserlou," his pulpy surf theme. "That's one thing I can't understand, you know?" Dale says. "I never play the same song the same way twice anyway . . . so I never get tired of playing it." Wielding his ax on coast-to-coast tours is also something the 72-year-old legend can never get enough of. "I'll do it 'til I drop, because when I play, everything is 100 percent-plus. I used to have a saying: 'When I stop playing, it'll be in one big explosion of body parts onstage.'"
Sun., March 7, 7 p.m., 2010
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