Surprise! Scottsdale is for Shopaholics
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Surprise! Scottsdale is for Shopaholics

This just in (from the stuff you kind of already knew department): Scottsdale is a mecca for shopaholics.

Sure, between its go-to mall for high-end designers, unique boutiques, and the need to dress up to fit in at any of them, fashion reigns supreme in the city that's home to it's own nightlife stereotype and a few of the likeliest contenders for the next Real Housewives.

According to a recent study from money blog and service Bundle, keeping up appearances in Snottsdale sure isn't cheap. 

In fact, Scottsdale's residents fork out more dough per month on outfits than the clothes horses in New York and Los Angeles.

So, just how much do Scottsdalites spend? See the figures after the jump.

After analyzing a year's worth of spending data from government records, Bundle reports that, on average, a Scottsdale dweller spends $243.17 per month on shoes, clothes, and other wearable items. 

That puts the city fourth in the country's top 100 most populated cities when it comes to spending on apparel -- right between Nashville and Dallas.

The figure may sound like quite the chunk of change. And considering the definite outliers in this study, it might be time to take a few skankification tips from Millionaire Matchmaker's Patti Stanger and braving Old Town's bass-thumping sweatfests in hopes of bagging a big ole bank account. Just kidding. (Sort of.)

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