Swat Team

SUN 6/26
Admit it, you've been bad . . . really bad. But it's all good, especially since you'll be getting a well-deserved whuppin' at the Sky Lounge, 132 East Washington, on Sunday, June 26, at "Spanked." This classic "tea dance" -- a popular afternoon or early evening dance party aimed at gays and lesbians (or anyone else age 21 or over) -- will feature DJs Kirby and Jeremy spinning circuit music while attendees can arm themselves with readily available "frat paddles" to lay the smackdown on the unruly asses of friends and foes alike. "Since many of our friends go out on Saturday nights, we thought about what might happen to them if they misbehaved," says event producer Travis Berg. "There are quite a few naughty people here in the Valley who need to be spanked." If your hiney's hurtin' after a few go-rounds, there'll also be plenty of gift certificate giveaways and drink specials throughout the evening to help ease the pain. The paddle royal starts at 4 p.m. with a $5 cover. Call 602-229-1110 or see www.outphoenix.com. -- Benjamin Leatherman

Suede Heads
Come to the aid of their party

THU 6/23
Les Corieri won't divulge which hot spot -- among his mini-empire of Scottsdale nightclubs -- warms his heart most. "It's like picking a favorite child," says Corieri, the owner of Myst, Axis/Radius and Suede. "If I choose one, I might upset the others." But Mike Bernstein, Corieri's entertainment director, has no such fear of predilection. "Suede is my baby," Bernstein says. "It's the best lounge in town." And the "best" is about to get better, starting Thursday, June 23, when Suede -- 7333 East Indian Plaza -- hosts "Sophistiphunk," its fourth anniversary bash, which starts at 8 p.m. with complimentary cocktails until 10. Inside, Suede will unveil its new "floating bar" and new lounge furniture, with DJ Charles Feelgood spinning house and remixes, while the Les Baxtor Factor phunks it up on the outside patio. Cover charge, which begins at 10, is $10. To get into the VIP party at 8, RSVP by calling 602-264-2655. -- Joe Watson

Rod and Roll
Music, cars and beer

SUN 6/26
Put Al's Diner in the middle of Phoenix -- with a lot full of vintage hot rods and lowriders -- and sub $1 PBRs for 10-cent chocolate malts, and you've got the foundation for one hell of a Sunday afternoon. Now, toss in some killer rockabilly, psychobilly and generally rockin' bands -- like the Rhythm Dragons, Dynoglides and the Maricopa County Prison Band -- and let a cute chick like radio deejay Holley King behind the mic, and you might just blow the roof off the Rhythm Room, 1019 East Indian School, on Sunday, June 26, starting at 3 p.m. Happy Days, indeed, are here again. Admission is $5. Call 602-265-4842. -- Joe Watson

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Joe Watson